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Tour type#Total costCost PPCost + GST
Private 4$683$171$179.29

Consider booking “private” if your group is 4 or over, also available for 2. PRIVATE TOURS have tiered pricing, so the more you book the lower the unit price.

How to use Wine Tour Booking

You are looking for wineries near Kelowna and want to go on a guided wine tour; use “Wine Tour On line Booking”. Since you are not talking directly to a person that will give you instant feedback, you must read the information carefully. The “info” tab or the i symbol will give you information about the tour. This is important because you need to know if you are staying within the pickup area for that tour and it is the type of tour you want. If you are outside of the pickup area or leave that information incomplete or blank your tour may be cancelled.

Top wineries in Kelowna

You can use the map to get an overview of the wine routes. West Kelowna wine route is closest for most of our Kelowna and West Kelowna guests. Our tour company does public West Kelowna afternoon wine tours every day. This is the most popular wine route and you are sure to visit some of the top wineries in Kelowna. The Wine Tour Online Booking system will show that tours’ availability for you unless our vans are already booked up or booked as private tours. The smaller Metris van is available only for private tours. You can book the private tour for a Kelowna or West Kelowna wine route. We select our wineries so they are the top wineries in Kelowna for our tour itinerary.

How to do wine tour booking when looking for wineries with restaurants in Kelowna

All our tours that include dining at wineries with restaurants in Kelowna are private. We recommend you call us to discuss the itinerary before using Wine Tour Online Booking. Because we offer private tours that start at 1:30 PM, you can have your lunch before you start out on a tour. Many prefer to start out on a full stomach before sampling wine at a number of wineries. In that scenario you may find many more dining options available at perhaps a restaurant located downtown Kelowna. If done right a tour that includes dining at a winery restaurant can be quite enjoyable. We would recommend a tasting at one winery prior to the lunch reservation. Having lunch at the same winery will allow you to pair your wine choices you just sampled with your food. Instead of visiting 4 wineries for tasting alone, you can visit 3 plus consume wine with lunch. Lunch takes 1.5 to 2 hours, while a tasting alone takes 30 to 45 minutes. Call us to discuss options.