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Kelowna and West Kelowna are like one city with the Okanagan Lake separating them. HWY 97 runs through both cities and over the only bridge on the lake that connects the cities. The population of both cities is over 165,000 (as of 2017) with 80% in Kelowna. Kelowna became a city in 1905 and West Kelowna was incorporated in 2007. Much of the area within the cities is in the Agricultural Land Reserve ALR. With 45% of the land area as agricultural, parks and other undeveloped areas there is an abundance of green space. There are 40 wineries within the area Red Dog Wine Tours serve. About half are on the West side of the bridge in West Kelowna and the rest in Kelowna and Lake Country . The geographical center of the two cities is located in downtown Kelowna lake shore area.

Our most popular tours are in West Kelowna. We start our afternoon tours by picking up from the Kelowna hotels and B&B’s and from West Kelowna. Our 12 passenger Mercedes Sprinter van is used primarily for the West Kelowna tour but may also be available for private tours in Kelowna or West Kelowna. The 8 passenger Mercedes Metris van is always available for private tours for any of the Kelowna Routes. All itineraries are close to the city center and are scenic and rural.

Kelowna Lakeshore

Discover the heritage of the Okanagan’s oldest vineyards and wineries along the Kelowna Lakeshore in a Private Tour. Featuring terroir-driven line of wines made from Riesling, Pinot Noir and Chardonnay grapes.  Because it is a short scenic drive starting from downtown Kelowna, tastings, tours and dining are close by. In addition to tasting some award winning wines, gorgeous vineyard views overlooking Lake Okanagan and the city await you on this signature tour. A unique experiences and one rather spectacular regions make for a perfect day. Lakeshore is close to downtown and the lake while to the South, is one of 3 distinct areas of Kelowna. 

Our private wine tour will take up to 4 to 5.5 hours and will optionally include a stop for lunch. Lunch is at clients own expense. The non private, Kelowna Afternoon excursion, also features the Kelowna Lakeshore Wine Route .

Tasting room at Tantaus Winery has the perfect view of orchards, the lake and West Kelowna. Often visited in the Private Wine Tour
Tantalus Estate Winery

Lake Country Scenic Sip

Scenic Sip wineries are located in North Kelowna and also Lake Country.  Take a Private journey through this beautiful region. This area is near the 50th parallel, with a unique climate and geography.  Consequently the area is excellent for growing certain types of grapes and produces excellent varieties for some wines. With a diversity of micro climates, some vineyards are positioned on benches of land overlooking Okanagan Lake.  While shops, restaurants and vineyards have a spectacular view.  Because the slopes allows for excellent drainage and the lake’s moderating effect it results in a frost free protected area. The area is planted with Pinot Noir, Pinot Gris and Riesling grapes and the wineries there produce some of the best White Wines in the valley.

Kelowna Farmgate Private Wine Tour

Charming, intimate, funky and fun.
Perfect words to describe the boutique wineries in this beautiful part of Kelowna. Within kilometers of each other, they are an alluring group of family owned and operated wineries. Most notable they highlight what the Kelowna area has to offer in terms of sightseeing and hospitality. A knight in shining Armour, a giant psychedelic bottle, a twenty foot high rose and a sexy red shoe are just a few discoveries you will make along the way. It’s a truly unforgettable afternoon of tasting on Kelowna’s doorstep. The non private Kelowna Afternoon excursion also features Kelowna Farmgate Wineries. CHECK PRICE AND DATE AVAILABILITY

West Kelowna Private Tour

West Kelowna wineries around Mount Boucherie have rich volcanic soil due to proximity to this extinct volcano.  This is available as an afternoon tour or Private or Public. Because of the special nature of its geology and geography the West side has a selection of BC’s best known wineries.  Many of the vineyards in the area produce the very best grapes for producing premium wines.  As a result in West Kelowna, the residential and rural areas are dotted with vineyards and wineries, opposite spectacular views over Okanagan Lake.

There are 13 wineries in the area and we will be visiting 4 that represent the best the area has to offer.  Our tour will take up to 5 to 5.5 hours and will include a stop for lunch at one of the wineries. Lunch is at clients own expense. Non private West Kelowna Afternoon tour is also available.

The tour itinerary is booked with the wineries in advance. The wineries visited in the Private event will vary depending on time of year. We select wineries carefully so we can craft the optimal experience for our guests. The wineries are uniquely different so you will always have a variety of tasting and sightseeing experiences. Included on the tour are bottled water and a snack (crackers+). Read some reviews to get additional information. You are also welcome to contact us by phone or WhatsApp prior to booking for more information.

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