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Kelowna Area Wine Map

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West Kelowna and Kelowna have a wide variety of scenic wine routes and types of wineries. They are all within a 30 minutes from downtown Kelowna. Read a brief description, see a photo and all contact information so you can make an informed choice. Use the Kelowna Area Wine Map to navigate with your phone.

Wine map Route includes:

  1. Downtown Kelowna
  2. Lake Country (north Kelowna)
  3. East Kelowna Farmgate Wineries
  4. West Kelowna
  5. Lakeshore

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Each wine Itinerary has a unique appeal


Historically downtown Kelowna industrial area was fruit packing and processing facilities. The railway came into the this area where the agricultural products were shipped. Calona wines, in the center of it all, was the first winery established in 1932. They made wine from fruit and grapes grown in the area. Now called Calona Vineyards it is part of the a large complex that also includes Sandhill Wines and Wayne Gretzke Estate Okanagan. It is an urban winery with a stylish tasting room close to many hotels and B&Bs. This is a great addition to your tour of downtown Kelowna with it’s waterfront and shopping.

Calona Wines Limited established in 1932
Established in 1932, Calona Vineyards is BC’s original winery. As a pioneer in the wine industry, Calona Vineyards is a leader in craftsmanship and professionalism.

Lake Country (north Kelowna)

The Kelowna Wine Routes map also includes the area north of the city center from the Kelowna airport to include the community of Lake Country. It is about a 30 minute drive from downtown Kelowna. Red Dog Wine tours will pickup private tour groups from Kelowna for a tour in this area. The scenery is beautiful and the Pinot wines grown in the area are unmatched.

East Kelowna Wineries

South and East Kelowna is a large agricultural area close to Kelowna city center. There you will find lots of small wineries mixed in with the apple orchards and other agriculture. There is a large plateau formed by ice age melting south of Mission Creek. The wineries are unique and creative in their wine making and presentation. Use the east Kelowna wineries map to find your way through the maze of roads in this beautiful area.

West Kelowna wine tour map

The wineries of West Kelowna are about half the wineries on this map. The start of it is just across the bridge in West Kelowna. This is close to the city center and is the most popular way for people staying in Kelowna. Most wineries have views of vineyards sloping down towards Okanagan Lake. You will find a mixture of big and small wineries and even one right on the beach.


These are the wineries south of the East Kelowna wineries. Located on the slopes above the lower mission, they all have spectacular views of the Okanagan Lake looking to the west and as it turns north. You can see West Kelowna across the lake, downtown and the floating bridge. These have wineries with some of the oldest vineyards in the Okanagan.

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