A Journey Through the Best Wineries

Are you ready for an unforgettable experience in the heart of wine country? We are your guide to our finest wineries.

A World-Class Destination

Our city is recognized as an international tourism haven. Here, rolling hills and lush vineyards are framed by unparalleled vistas of Okanagan Lake – yielding a breathtaking display that’s made this iconic destination one of the highest-rated winemaking locations on Earth. This is why we have visitors from all over the world who will be joining you on your tour. We have it all. Visit large and long-established wineries to small, intimate family farms.

Diverse group of people inside the tour van with big smiles.  They are on a Kelowna wine tours
On an afternoon tour you will meet new and interesting people from all around the world, like Germany and Alberta

Expertly Curated Tours

Unlock the secrets of the regions renowned industry with an expertly curated tour! Our knowledgeable team of tour guides will take you on a guided journey through some of the area’s most sought-after wineries. Your enthusiastic driver can provide in-depth insights into local history and geography throughout your exploration – from grape to glass. You won’t be disappointed by our selection of sipping places either; each chosen establishment offers captivating presentations about their wines, where they introduce you to unique terroirs and vintage techniques that showcase individual philosophies and special methods for creating extraordinary vintages designed to maximize your enjoyment!

Kelowna wine tours group of 10 very happy women in the tour van
We can take a group of up to 11 in one spacious Mercedes van

Tailor-Made Experiences

Our tours give all experience levels and group sizes an opportunity to discover, learn about, and savor some of the finest varieties. We will design a private tour with personalized activities for your special occasion – in groups large or small. Book a private tour and you will have the van all to yourself. we have 4 local routes to design a customized itinerary from. For private tours, call us to discuss your desired pickup time, dining options and region.

Kelowna wine tours group of 7 people at a table outside enjoying wine and a snack
Enjoying some cheese with your purchase

Discover the Best Wines Our City Has to Offer

With crisp whites and bold reds, your tastebuds will be treated to a unique tour filled with incredible tastings and knowledge – letting you savour each sip while learning about the art behind creating them! This region is famous for grapes such as Riesling, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Merlot and Syrah. You can, for example, even search for your favorite Pinot Noir at each of the 4 wineries you visit.

Where does the band (Leisure Club) go? The Hatch of course.

A Journey Through the countryside

Red Dog Tours invite you to join us for a luxurious journey of sightseeing and indulging. Tour through the stunning vineyards, savor delicious gourmet lunches at local establishments, and more – all while learning about what makes this area so special. Get ready for an unforgettable adventure into the world of tasting!

Enjoy the views while enjoying the experience

A Red Dog is a great way to explore our beautiful region, even if you don’t drink. Our tour company can show you the special hidden gems, like the new, the historic and the ‘tried and true’ wineries to visit. We pick you up from your home or accommodations so you do not have to worry about drinking and driving. Don’t forget to read our TripAdvisor reviews to get an idea of what to expect, but book the tour online directly from this website to get the best deal.

Book Your Tour Today

Get ready for a luxurious journey through world-class vineyards and explore their delicious offerings in an unforgettable way and book your tour with Red Dog today and embark on a remarkable journey. Our expert team curates tours and experiences, leading guests through a journey of discovery in the valley. Uncover hidden gems as your explore tantalizing flavors – reserve your tour today for an unforgettable experience! It is never too early to book your tour, you can cancel your tour if your plans have changed. In most case you will get a full refund less base cancellation fee is to cover the credit card processing which cannot be recovered by us.

Frind Winery in West on the west side is one stop on the West Afternoon tour

There are 4 private tour options to choose from.

  • The Fab Five Tour explores the farm-gate wineries of East Kelowna in a beautiful setting.
  • Lake Country’s Scenic Sip Tour takes you to beautiful lake view vineyards north of the city. The climate and soils are different than those to the south.  The area therefore produce some of the best white wines.
  • The Lakeshore route also offers spectacular lake views and some of the Okanagan valley’s oldest vineyards while producing vintage wines.
  • West Kelowna’s vineyards are around Mount Boucherie and have rich volcanic soil due to proximity to the volcano.  The west side has a selection of wineries including some organic.
Vibrant Vine located in East Kelowna

When exploring the options many find, that with so much to see and do and choose our afternoon tours.  Afternoon tours allow you to enjoy a visit to the beach, farmers market, hike or go shopping before lunch.  You can do your sampling on a full stomach after lunch.  We don’t drive long distances and get you back home before dinner.   You will still have enough energy to enjoy a walk downtown and visit a patio or roof top restaurant for dinner.  We can even drop you off downtown, pack up and deliver your purchases to your hotel. Our most popular tour, and most commonly available, is the West Kelowna Tour.

On a West side tour we go to 4 wineries over a 4 hour period. Typically we would go to 4 of these:

  • Rollingdale
  • Mt. Bouchrie Estate
  • Frind Family Estate
  • the Hatch
  • Quails Gate Estate

The tour itinerary includes 4 establishments and may include other West side wineries not on this list. We choose the visits depending on the time of year and which ones are open. We book weeks in advance. If you wish to know the selections booked we will be going to on a given day, call us or send us a note.

Look through our Frequently Asked questions starting with: how much does a tour cost?