What do you call someone from Kelowna?

The Okanagan region of British Columbia holds a deep history, dating back centuries and steeped in tradition. It is the home to many First Nations communities that have evolved their own unique culture, language, and customs over thousands of years spent living off the land’s resources. Those from Kelowna are officially known as ‘Kelownian’, but Greater Vancouverites refer to them affectionately by an ancestral term – “Okangangan” – believed to have originated from Salish meaning valley or flat place; lake Sakhalyn was also referred too long ago by first nations people. The beauty and cultural significance of this area has endured millennia thanks its residents who continue honoring traditional values even today.

Home to the Okanagan Valley, Kelowna is a bustling hub of commercial activity and natural beauty. Known for its warm climate and well-drained soils ideal for growing grapes, many wineries are flourishing in the region adding significantly to local economy. With an array of culture stretching back centuries, “Kelownian” can be used as an inclusive demonym by everyone from Greater Vancouverites who call themselve’s Okanaganites down to those living within municipal limits themselves!

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