Do you allow children on the tour?

Should You Bring Your Kids on a Wine Tour?

If you’re considering a wine tour with the little ones in tow, it’s important to go into it prepared. While nearly all tours offer an enjoyable experience for adults alone, bringing kids along can be more complicated and require extra planning. Luckily, private tours provide a way to give your family their own personalized adventure! Let us explore both sides of taking children on wine tours – from the pros of learning about viticulture together as a group to potential cons like managing expectations- so everyone has nothing but fond (and educational!) memories afterward.

Can I bring my baby/toddler on a wine tour?

Red Dog Wine Tours immerses adults in a luxurious oenophile experience. Guests must be 19 years or over to join us on one of these exquisite tours, allowing them an inside look into the magical process of winemaking – and tasting! It is not recommended to bring young children, especially toddlers on a wine tour. This is because wine tasting bars are usually quiet and relaxing environments, and toddlers may be disruptive or act inappropriately. If you choose to bring your baby or toddler on a wine tour, they must be accompanied by an adult and this may mean that the adult cannot participate in wine tasting as they would need to look after the child at all times. We also do not allow the booking for small children on regular wine tours where we have other groups or individuals joining the tour, however, you also have the option to book a private tour. If you are considering bringing your child on a wine tour, please call and talk to us here at our office. Ph: 1-866-477-5266

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