How many glasses of wine is a tasting in Kelowna?

On a guided wine tour in Kelowna, you’ll be invited to sample an array of expertly crafted wines. Depending on the amount your host serves up for tasting, each glass could give you anywhere from two and a half ounces to three tablespoons worth of delightful sips – all just enough to enjoy without overindulging!

Wine tasting can be a truly captivating experience. It’s important to savor the different flavors of each exquisite sample, but it is equally essential not to overindulge as this could affect your appreciation and enjoyment of the wines. With that in mind, while standard pours are typically 2oz or 60mL glasses; many wineries may offer larger servings at 5oz or 150mL – more than sufficient for any sampling session!

As you navigate through the tasting journey, allow yourself to pause and appreciate each sample. Allow your senses come alive as you ask questions about what’s in front of you; no need to feel intimidated! Have courage – if something doesn’t tickle your fancy, heed it by spitting out the wine. Responsible drinking is also key: always take necessary precautions before getting on the road after sipping a few samples!

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