How big is Kelowna?

With its breathtaking views and abundance of outdoor recreational activities, Kelowna is a vibrant city that attracts people from around the globe. Situated in British Columbia’s Okanagan Valley, Canada’s 20th-largest metropolitan area boasts 166,000 residents and world-famous wineries for visitors to explore. No matter if you’re looking for adventure or relaxation – Kelowna has something to offer everyone!

From sprawling suburban neighborhoods to colorful beach communities, Kelowna’s metropolitan area covering 2,904.86 square kilometers (1,121.57 square miles) has something for everyone! Located on the incredible Okanagan Lake – perfect for swimming and boating activities in summer months – this picturesque city also offers a wide range of outdoor activities throughout the year including hiking trails along stunning mountain ranges and gorgeous golf courses framed by rolling hillsides.

Kelowna is renowned for its stunning wineries, situated in the picturesque Okanagan Valley. Visitors to Kelowna are invited to explore a range of luxury wines typically including Pinot noir, Chardonnay, Merlot and Syrah – with many local vineyards offering guided tours and tastings too! An ideal day out surrounded by nature’s beauty awaits those wishing to immerse themselves in this exquisite region.

Kelowna is a bustling hub of activity, capturing the best of nature’s beauty and world-renowned wineries alongside its plethora of recreational opportunities. Home to 166,000 people within 211 square kilometers (81.80 miles), this city is one of Canada’s largest metropolitan areas that continues to draw in tourists from near and far with it expansive 2,904 km2 (1 121 mile) area waiting for exploration.