How are Okanagan Rosé wines made?

Rose wine is an increasingly popular libation in the Okanagan Valley, distinguished from its traditional white and red counterparts by a unique production process. Winemakers produce Rose wines using grapes such as Pinot Noir, Merlot or even purple varietals like Pinot Griz through brief contact with grape skins to extract desired colors and flavors. This method then results in diverse varieties of Rosé ranging from pale almost-whites to vibrant pinks based on wineries’ own techniques and ingredients used.

Rosé is an iconic summer wine – crisp and refreshing, but never too sweet. The Okanagan’s cooler climate makes it the perfect spot to try a variety of dry Rosés in all their complex glory. On your next tour through this stunning region, be sure to sample some of its unique offerings – each winery will have its own special blend that you’ll definitely want to savor on a hot day or with lighter fare! Best Kelowna Wine Tours | Red Dog Wine Tours | Afternoon tours