Do Okanagan wines contain Sulfites?

Yes, Okanagan wines, like most wines, contain natural sulfites. Sulfites are a naturally occurring byproduct of fermentation, and they are present in all wines in varying levels. However, wines made from certified organic grapes may include added sulfites, which are used as a preservative to prevent oxidization and maintain a wine’s freshness. The amount of added sulfites in wine can vary depending on the winery and the wine. Most wines with added sulfites contain only 25-150 parts per million (ppm), although the legal limit in wine is 350 ppm.

For small wineries in Kelowna, very little of their product is shipped very far, and they usually don’t need to add preservatives for their wines. As a result, you will commonly find that they claim to have low sulfite levels. While most people can enjoy wine with low levels of sulfites without any adverse reactions, there are a few sensitive individuals that may experience allergies or headaches from higher concentrations. Whether it’s naturally occurring in the grapes themselves, or added as a preservative afterward – all wines contain some level of sulfites typically between 25-150 ppm. Fortunately for those discerning palates living near Kelowna and looking to limit their exposure; small wineries around this region often boast about having lower than average amounts in their vintages!

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