Are Kelowna wineries open in Kelowna in March?

With the warmer weather of spring, Kelowna and West Kelowna become beautiful destinations to explore their renowned wineries. Although some remain open year-round, May through September is considered peak season for wine tasting experience with stunning views. So if you’re looking to indulge in all that this region has to offer, plan your visit during these months!

During the spring and summer months, discovering local wineries can be a delightful experience. With an abundance of tastings and tours available on your own or with one of many tour companies in the region, you have countless ways and opportunities to explore flavor combinations while learning about wine making techniques.

March can be an ideal time to visit wineries, as you may find less crowds and a more intimate experience. Winery staff will also likely have extra capacity for private tours or visits to their vineyards in March. For traditional wine-tasting experiences though, it’s suggested that visitors come between May through September when the weather is milder – this makes it even better suited for tasting sessions!