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The Okanagan Valley is British Columbia’s most gorgeous wine region. Kelowna is right in the heart of the Okanagan. Red Dog Wine Tours has a reputation for offering the finest afternoon wine tours in Kelowna. For beautiful settings, captivating stories, and an extensive variety of wines, check out our popular afternoon wine tour.  Red Dog Wine Tours’ 5-star reviews mean we’ve proven that we are the best way to tour Kelowna.

Frind Estate Winery on an afternoon wine tour.

Don’t want to include lunch, what is the best time of day go?

Kelowna afternoon wine tours starting at 1:30 are our specialty.  Your mornings to do whatever you want, have a leisurely breakfast or lunch, beach time, or use it for transportation. We do only one tour a day, we can choose the best time, route and duration for our guests. Our routes start within a 10 minute drive of central Kelowna, so lots of sightseeing and wine tasting & little driving time. Our afternoon tours are 4 hours and we visit 4 specially selected wineries.  The short drive and leisurely pace will leave you relaxed and ready to enjoy evening activities that same day. Our knowledgeable guides will give you some ideas for fun activities for the rest of your stay in Kelowna.

Afternoon wine tours are better than half day tours

Red Dog Wine Tours has chosen to do afternoon wine tours for our guests; we think this is the best time.  This is because the half day wine tours last 3 hours and start in the morning or late in the afternoon.  Our afternoon tours take place at the most popular time of day for winery visits and take 4 hours.  You need 4 hours to visit 4 wineries and not feel rushed or to consume wine too fast. Astop for lunch can also mean drinking more. 

Afternoon Wine tours starting at 1:30 to 5:30 are at the most popular time to visit wineries; 2 to 3 PM.
Half day wine tour times
Half day tours typically start at 10:30 or 3 PM

Do you want food included?

Consumption of food when going on a wine tour may be important to you.  You can do it just prior or during your wine tour.  Food pairing is seldom available while doing a tasting.  Get a snack or a full meal at a winery after you do your tasting there.  At a winery that serves food you can enjoy a dish with a wine you just sampled.  This can be done in one of two ways, but not on a half day wine tour. 

A wine tour with lunch.

If you start the tour before lunch you may be drinking on an empty stomach before having something to eat.  Have breakfast not to long before your lunch starts and don’t sample wine at more than 2 wineries prior.  Lunch adds 2 hours to the total tour so you will be out for 5 to 6 hours in total.  Some wine tour companies offer a group tour with lunch that might appeal to you.  They are more expensive because of the longer duration. The added cost of dining at a winery restaurant can increase the total cost of the tour significantly.

6 hour tour that starts in the morning with time for a lunch

Red Dog Wine tours afternoon tours also address your need for food.  An afternoon tour pickups up just after lunch, this allows you to enjoy some wine before you get hungry. The extra time spent at some wineries allows you to have a snack and extra wine at some wineries.  Its optional, some on the tour may get a snack while others just opt to enjoy the scenery.

An extra 30 minute stay at Frind allows guests to enjoy a snack.

Red Dog Wine tours offer private tours for up to 6 or 10 people.  The time of the tours can be altered to include a stop for lunch or a charcuterie board snack.  You can discuss these options with us prior to booking.  It is often difficult to book lunch times with winery restaurants.  We will probably have some good options to consider.

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