Booking and Gift Certificates

How do I make a reservation for a wine tour in Kelowna?
Are gift certificates available for your wine tours?

Can I book a private wine tour with your company?
What is the process for purchasing and using gift certificates?

Tour Operation and Weather

Do you operate year-round for wine tours in Kelowna?
Will the wine tour still take place if it’s raining?
What happens if the weather is unfavorable on the scheduled tour day?
Are there any seasonal considerations for the wine tours?

Participant Expertise and Winery Purchases

Do I need to be a wine expert to enjoy the tour?
Is the wine tour suitable for individuals with limited wine knowledge?
Can I purchase wine at the wineries we visit during the tour?
Is there an opportunity to learn about wines during the tour?

Family and Pet Policy

Are children allowed on your wine tours in Kelowna?
What is your policy regarding kids participating in the tours?
Can I bring my dog along on the wine tour?
Are there any restrictions for bringing pets on the tour?