Travel Adventures

Bert and Loretta had finally arrived in Kelowna after a long day of travel. They were looking for something to do when they happened upon an old wise man on the street who told them the best thing to do was go on a wine tour adventure with Red Dog Wine Tours. Intrigued, they quickly booked a tour using their smartphone before heading back to their hotel.

When they arrived, there was already someone waiting for them – a dashing and debonair tour guide who invited them into his luxury Mercedes van for the afternoon’s festivities. After getting settled in, Bert and Loretta enjoyed breathtaking sights as well as delicious wines from various vineyards throughout Okanagan Valley while making new friends with other travelers along the way.

At last, it was time to return to their hotel where Bert and Loretta were both exhausted but thrilled from such an amazing experience! To celebrate such a fantastic day out, they decided that dinner at one of Kelowna’s finest restaurants by Okanagan Lake would be just perfect.

For years afterward whenever someone asked about their trip everyone simply said “Kelowna? Oh yes! We had the best time ever!”

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