80 miles of crystal clear water

Famous for 80 miles of crystal clear water

Lake Okanagan is one of BC’s favorite playgrounds. We’re famous for 80 miles of crystal clear water, hot beaches and sunny skies. Let’s be honest, everyone wants to be out on the water. Beat the heat swimming, skiing, wakeboarding, tubing, or cruising the shoreline.

Tubing allows even inexperienced water babies a chance to get out and enjoy the ride. Choose a single tube built for one, or a larger version that can accommodate two to six shrieking riders. Bigger tubes are ideal for a group of kids, a family, or a few friends.

We give pulling a rookie skier out of the water for the first time a big thumbs up. Before long they’ll be sending rooster tails high in the air, or wakesurfing like a pro. Just be sure you know the hand signals and practice safe boating before you gun the engine.

No boat to float? Visit one of several rental companies offering the latest powerboats, safety equipment, toys and instruction you’ll need – for all the adventure you can handle. Enjoy the lake at a slower pace in an energy efficient kayak or canoe, or set sail into the sunset.

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